PHS Announcements
PHS Announcements
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
HOMECOMING SPIRIT DAY for tomorrow, October 11 is Wacky Wednesday.  Visit the PHS website for a list of our Spirit Days.  Participate each day to win points for your class.

SENIORS & JUNIORS:  Sign up for College Visits thru Family Connections.  Questions?  See Ms. Patrick in Guidance.
  • ROSE HULMAN INSTITUTE OF TECH will be here tomorrow, October 11 at 1:00pm.
  • KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE will be here Thursday, October 12 at 7:30am; meet in Mrs. Kathriner's room, G108.
  • MISSOURI WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY will be here Thursday, October 12 at 10:00am.

INTERNATIONAL CLUB will be hosting a Homecoming Henna Fundraiser during all lunches Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13 and after school from 2:30-3:30 in room D210.  Get a beautiful henna design for the Homecoming Dance!

WRESTLING MEETING:  There will be a Wrestling meeting next week on Thursday, October 19 during Contact Time in the Low Ceiling Room.

THE WORD OF THE WEEK IS COMPONENT.  Component comes from a Latin word meaning β€œto put together.”  Chocolate chips are one component of a chocolate chip cookie.

FOR MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS, go to the PHS website,

Remember the Pirate Code.  Be Respectful.  Be Responsible.  Be Involved.

THE MATH ACT REVIEW CLASS will be held tomorrow evening, October 11 from 6-8pm. in room H215.  Bring pencil, paper, and a calculator.

PIRATE PETE'S CLOSET is open!  Come aboard before school or after school and explore the free clothes, jackets, and shoes.  Room C203.

Tuesday:  Throw Back to the β€œ90's”
Wednesday:  Wacky Wednesday
Thursday:  Hero Day
  • Seniors:  Superman
  • Juniors:  Batman
  • Sophomores:  The Avengers
  • Freshmen:  The Incredibles
Friday:  Class Color Day
  • Seniors:  Green
  • Juniors:  Red
  • Sophomores:  Blue
  • Freshmen:  Yellow