PHS Bell Schedules

Pattonville High School operates on a block schedule consisting of A, B and C days.  For example, a normal five-day week would be A,A,B,C,A.  Below are the class period schedules for those days. Unless otherwise noted in an announcement, this will be the schedule for the current school year.

A Days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
1st Hour: 7:23-8:12 AM
2nd Hour: 8:18-9:07 AM
3rd Hour: 9:13-10:05 AM
4th Hour: 10:11-11:00 AM
5th Hour (including lunches): 11:06-12:23 PM
6th Hour: 12:29-1:18 PM
7th Hour: 1:24-2:13 PM

B Days: Wednesday
1st Hour: 7:23-8:53 AM
3rd Hour: 8:59-10:30 AM
5th Hour (including lunches): 10:36-12:37 PM
7th Hour: 12:43-2:13 PM

C Days: Thursday
2nd Hour: 7:23-8:51 AM
Pirate Connections: 8:57-9:33 AM
4th Hour: 9:39-11:07 AM
6th Hour (including lunches): 11:13-1:14 PM

A Day Modified Assembly Schedule
1st Hour: 7:23-8:02 AM
2nd Hour: 8:08-8:47 AM
3rd Hour: 8:53-9:32 AM
4th Hour: 9:39-10:17 AM
5th Hour (including lunches): 10:23-11:47 PM
6th Hour: 11:53-12:32 PM
7th Hour: 12:38-1:17 PM
Assembly:  1:30-2:13

        Lunch Shifts
        There are 3 lunch shifts based on classes:
                1st lunch:  Art, Business/Technology, FACS, Music, Science
                2nd lunch:  Social Studies, English Language Arts
                3rd lunch:  Math, Modern Language, PE, Health, Positive School

** Bells and lunch schedules are subject to change as needed

Fall 2017 EOC Schedule
Monday 11/27 – Modified B Day  (Algebra 1 EoC)
        7th Hour:  7:23-8:53
        3rd Hour:  8:59-10:30
        5th Hour:  10:36-12:37 (Lunch are regular shifts)
        1st Hour:  12:43-2:13

Tuesday 11/28 – Modified C Day  (No EoCs)
        2nd Hour:  7:23-8:53
        Homeroom:  8:59-10:30
        6th Hour:  10:36-12:37 (Lunch are regular shifts)
        4th Hour:  12:43-2:13

Wednesday 11/29 – Regular B Day  (Government and Algebra 1 EoCs)
        1st Hour:  7:23-8:53
        3rd Hour:  8:59-10:30
        5th Hour:  10:36-12:37 (Lunch are regular shifts)
        7th Hour:  12:43-2:13

Thursday 11/30 – Regular C Day  (Government EoC)
        2nd Hour:  7:23-8:51
        Homeroom:  8:57-9:33
        4th Hour:  9:39-11:07
        6th Hour:  11:13-1:14 (Lunch are regular shifts)
        Professional Development for Teachers:  1:14-2:13

Friday 12/01 – Regular A Day (EoC Make-up Day)
        Monday 12/04 - Regular A Day (EoC Make-up  Day)