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1. Classify and justify materials on the basis of their properties.
2. Using the Kinetic Theory, create and explain diagrams depicting changes that occur as materials are heated and/or cooled.
3. Summarize an article about the impact of science/technology and evaluate the source for its scientific credibility


Physical Properties
Chemical Properties
Physical Changes
Chemical Changes
pH Scale

Activities and Labs

Review Sheet
Section I: Write your own definition for the words in the vocabulary list above. (7 Questions)

Section II: Multiple Choice Focus Questions (10 Questions)

  • What are the four main classifications of matter? Define them.
  • What are some methods one could use to separate two substances in a mixture?
  • Describe what solids, liquids and gases look like in terms of volume and shape.
  • What is the difference between an endothermic and exothermic change? Name the phase changes that apply to each type of change.
  • What happens to the temperature of a substance as it is undergoing a phase change? What happens to the particles as a solid goes to a liquid or as a liquid goes to a gas?

Section III: Compare and Contrast Terms to Consider (2 Questions)

  • Acid: Base
  • Element: Compound
  • Heterogeneous Mixture: Homogeneous Mixture
  • Compounds: Mixtures
  • Endothermic: Exothermic
  • Melting Point: Boiling Point

Section IV & V: Classifying Matter & Performance Event Focus Questions

  • Name some examples of substances that could be classified as compounds, mixtures, elements or solutions.
  • Explain some ways you can tell if a physical or chemical change has occurred to a substance.
  • What are the ideas behind the Kinetic Theory? According to this theory, what happens to particles as they are heated?
  • What are some items required on a “good graph”?
  • What is the independent and dependent variable? Where do they go on a graph?
  • Draw a generalized phase change diagram and label where each phase change occurs. Indicate the phase changes that are exothermic and endothermic changes.

Section VI: Constructed Response (2 Questions)

  • Write down 2 questions you expect to see in this section of the exam.

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