PHS Announcements
PHS Announcements
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
TODAY, DECEMBER 5 IS AN “A” DAY; 2:13 dismissal
Tomorrow, December 6 is a “B” Day; 2:13 dismissal
Friday, December 7 is a “C” Day; 1:14 dismissal

1st Lunch 11:00-11:30:  Social Studies (upper D wing), Math (upper H wing)
2nd Lunch 11:31-11:59:  English, Business/Technology, Art, POS
3rd Lunch 11:59-12:29:  PE, Health, Modern Language, Science, Music, FACS

CHANGE IN BUS NUMBER:  From now on Bus 34 will be Bus 39.  Bus 39 will be in the same spot in the loop that Bus 34 was.

THERE WILL BE A HOSA MEETING today, December 5 after school in F210.

ANIME CLUB will have a game and movie meeting today, December 5 after school in room B114.

A SCIENCE ACT REVIEW CLASS will be held tonight, December 5 from 6-8pm in room F116.

JUNIORS INTERESTED IN TAKING THE ACT, SAT OR ACT WORK KEYS FOR FREE, stop by and see Ms. Patrick in the Guidance Office.

COLLEGE VISIT AT PHS:  The College of Business at the University of Missouri Columbia will be here today, December 5 at 10:00am. to visit with Juniors or Seniors.  Students must sign up on Family Connections to attend college visits.  All visits will be held in the College & Career Counseling Center.

STUDENTS:  Please return your Library books!

DUE TO EOC TESTING THIS WEEK, there should be no students in the hallways during class time.  Students, please plan accordingly!

THE MATH HELP CENTER will be closed this week during the school day due to EOC testing.  It will be open before and after school.

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