PHS Announcements
PHS Announcements
Friday, May 3, 2019
THE EOC BELL SCHEDULES can be found on the PHS website ( under the tab “BUILDING”.
REMINDER:  The dismissal time for today is different than normal.  Today is a Modified C Day with a 12:38 dismissal.

Friday, May 3: Modified C Day - 12:38 dismissal
2  7:23-8:54
4  9:00-10:31
6  10:37-12:38
 1st Lunch 10:37-11:07  English (Lower D and B wings), Business/Technology (B and G wings), Art (G wing), Music (A wing)
 2nd Lunch 11:07-11:37  Social Studies (Upper D wing), Science (F and E wings), FACS (E wing),
 3rd Lunch 12:07-12:38  PE and Health, Modern Language (H wing), Math (Upper H wing), Positive School

SENIORS:  ALL Community Service and A+ hours are due today, May 3 for Graduation.  Bring your hours to the CSO, E200.

PROM 2019, A NIGHT IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST, will be held this evening, May 3, from 6:30-10:30pm. at the Sheraton Westport Chalet.

THE MATH HELP CENTER AND THE LIBRARY are closed during the school day today through all of next week, May 6-10, due to EOC & AP exams.  iLEARN is also closed.  

PETE'S CLOSET is closed today, May 3.

THE FITNESS CENTER, WEIGHT ROOM, LIBRARY AND HELP CENTERS are closed after school today, May 3.  ACTIVITY BUSES will not run today.


SENIORS:  Check your school e-mail to see if you won a prize in the Decision Day raffle.

SENIORS:  Sign up on Naviance to meet with St. Charles Community College next Friday, May 10 to schedule your classes.

FOR MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS, go to the PHS website,

Remember the Pirate Code.  Be Respectful.  Be Responsible.  Be Involved.

2019-20 CLASS OFFICER CANDIDATES are posted on the STUCO Store window.  Candidates should submit campaign posters to the Activities Office for approval.  Campaign period is May 6-8.  Election will be held on the Moodle next Wednesday and Thursday, May 8 & 9.

(The EOC Exam Schedule can be found on the PHS website under BUILDING - BELL SCHEDULE)

*Please note:  The dismissal time today, May 3, is different than normal.  Today is a Modified C Day - EOC Testing; 12:38 dismissal* (due to EOC Testing and Prom).  

Please note:  The dismissal times each day May 6 thru May 10 are the same as normal.
Monday, May 6:  Modified B Day - EOC Testing; 2:13 dismissal
Tuesday, May 7:  Modified C Day - EOC Testing; 2:13 dismissal
Wednesday, May 8:  Modified A Day - EOC Testing; 2:13 dismissal
Thursday, May 9:  Modified C Day - EOC Testing; 1:14 dismissal
Friday, May 10:  Modified B Day - EOC Testing; 2:13 dismissal