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We offer many courses for students to explore their artistic side, including 2D Design, Photography, Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Advanced Placement Studio Art.  Students will practice skill refinement and increasing control of various art media.  Students will learn strategies for thinking like artists and how to develop artwork from the idea phase through completion.  Students will reflect on their work and develop strategies to visually and creatively communicate their ideas.


Essential Understandings
  • Artists communicate ideas through artworks by selecting and applying media techniques and processes, subject matter, and themes.
  • Artists communicate ideas through artworks by selecting and applying art elements and principles.
  • Visual art is connected to performing arts, communication arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • Viewers respond aesthetically to artworks based upon their personal experience and cultural values. Viewers describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate the quality of artwork through art criticism.
  • Visually literate citizens understand the role and functions of art in history and culture. Artists influence and are influenced by the cultures and time periods in which they live.

Our Teachers
Beth Kathriner – Department Leader
ext. 8308


Danielle Adams
ext. 8312


Kelli Dornfeld
Ext. 8304


Scott Fader
Ext. 8314


Marcia Mueller
Ext. 8310
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