Technology advances rapidly, which inevitably affects how we live, learn, communicate, work, and socialize.  We are preparing students for a future we cannot imagine, a career that may not yet exist, and a world that will be different than it is now.  The only constant is change.  This requires our teachers to be reflective educators and frequently rethink how we teach and learn. We must be adaptable and innovative if we are to equip students with tools and experiences they will need to move forward.  We teach students to communicate, collaborate, think critically, research, ask questions, problem-solve, and be creative.
At PHS, we believe that all students can learn and be successful.  Our curriculum and learning standards set the stage for the lessons and experiences students have in our classrooms, while technology helps us develop new ways of working and learning together.  
At PHS, we believe that the effective use of technology:
  • provides a vehicle for student-centered learning
  • enhances teacher instruction
  • makes learning transformative and personal for students
  • promotes differentiation and individualization in lesson design
  • increases student learning and depth of knowledge
  • develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • fosters responsibility and self-discipline
  • prepares students to be productive adults and citizens
  • enables teachers and students to collaborate both locally and globally
  • encourages parental interaction and parental support
  • promotes equity among learners and educators
  • enhances teacher and student productivity
  • allows students to create professional products and to publish work for an authentic audience

Digital Learning Environment

PHS sustains a one-to-one digital learning environment--each student at Pattonville is issued a MacBook Air laptop equipped with all software necessary to support academic needs.  These laptops give students the opportunity to learn "any time, any place."   Teachers use Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS).  An LMS is a critical component of a successful digital learning environment.  An LMS provides a streamlined and organized way to connect all the digital tools educators use in one convenient place via one account.  Teachers can create and manage user accounts, courses, social networks, news, announcements and messages, discussion groups, assignment and file submission systems, assessments, grading and feedback, etc.  It also lends consistency for students learning from several different teachers.
Laptops are typically issued to students during registration.  Students (after paying the damage waiver premium payment) are allowed to take the device home.  The laptops are collected at the end of the school year for updates and maintenance.

iLearn Service Center

Located in upper F-wing, the iLearn Service Center is where students and teachers can go to for help with technology updates and repairs.  Students in the iLearn Help Desk classes provide services to other students and assist with troubleshooting, customer service, and keeping track of workorder tickets.

PHS Technology Staff

Staff Member
Tammy Hasheider
District Technology Specialist
ext. 7069
Dr. Hasheider assists administrators, teachers, and students with technology implementation, professional development, website design, Moodle, Google Drive, lesson design, and basic technology use.
Travis Harder
iLearn Service Center Manager
ext. 6800
Mr. Harder, an Apple Distinguished Educator, supervises the iLearn Service Center (a repair/support center for all school-issued devices).  He also teaches students in the iLearn classes technology skills, digital citizenship, and customer service.
Drew Woerther
Technology Aide
ext. 6800
Mr. Woerther offers just-in-time classroom support for software/hardware troubleshooting and updating, Promethean boards, and wifi.  He also assists in the iLearn Service Center.
Ray Braun
Hardware Support Specialist
ext. 6800
Mr. Braun assists in the iLearn Service Center and offers hardware support and repair.  He is the "spill" expert!
Scott Robinson
Audio/Visual Director
ext. 8031/8048
Mr. Robinson oversees print services at PHS and assists with audio/visual needs in classrooms, such as projectors and Apple TV.

ISTE Standards

The International Society for Technology Education sets standards for technology use and integration.The family of ISTE Standards are meant to support students, educators and leaders with clear guidelines for the skills, knowledge and approaches they need to succeed in the digital age.

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