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Student Devices

High School One-to-One Technology Program


The goal is to improve student achievement through the use of a One-to-One Digital Learning Environment. Its purpose is to allow continuous access to instructional content, increase student engagement, and provide a collaborative learning environment appropriate for the 21st century. Our digital learning environment consists of professional development programs, online systems, mobile computing devices and technical support systems.


  1. Implement continuous professional development to ensure alignment with best practices for Digital Learning.
  2. Create and utilize a digital learning environment, enabling teachers and students to communicate and collaborate digitally.
  3. Provide a device to staff and students that will allow them to interact with each other through a digital learning environment any time, any place.
  4. Provide the resources necessary to ensure daily and effective use of the mobile devices and the digital learning environment.

Device Damage Waiver Program

Students are responsible for protecting their Pattonville laptop from loss or damage. However, accidents happen. In order to protect families from being responsible for the entire cost to repair a laptop, Pattonville School District uses a damage waiver program that requires families to pay an initial fee and then only be charged a scaled deductible for covered claims made to repair a damaged laptop. For 23-24, damage waivers can be paid online. Look for communication soon regarding details for using MySchoolBucks.  

PSD Damage Waiver Program

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