Introducing the PHS Personalized Learning Mentor Program

In commitment to nurturing innovative  teaching practices, Pattonville High School is excited to announce our Personalized Learning Mentor program for the 23-24 school year. This initiative focuses on fostering teacher collaboration, crafting innovative lessons, and driving student engagement. By creating a collaborative network, PHS hopes to empower educators to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and co-create exceptional educational experiences for their students. The program brings together a group of passionate and dedicated teachers, each selected for their unique expertise and commitment to personalized learning. From project-based learning and gamification to collaborative problem-solving and real-world applications, our mentors will employ a range of strategies to ignite student engagement and support teachers. We are immensely proud of this new program and want to welcome and congratulate the 23-24 PHS Personalized Learning Mentors:

  • MaryClare Stoker (Social Studies) 
  • Kate Kessler (Science)
  • Katherine Korte (Social Studies) 
  • Sarah Hollstrom (English Learners)
  • Margaret Hall (Modern Language)
  • Jennifer Raymond (English)

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