Bell Schedule 2020-21

High School

The 2020-2021 school year brings many challenges, one of which is a schedule that can accommodate all students and teachers in all phases of learning this year, including students taking Villemade Virtual Courses. Because teachers may be teaching some sections that meet on campus and some sections that meet virtually, it is necessary for all learning phases to follow the same schedule. 

Current Learning Phase: Phase II 

  Virtual Mondays Tues-Fri
1st Hour 7:23 - 8:07 7:23 - 8:12
2nd Hour 8:13 - 8:57 8:18 - 9:07
3rd Hour 9:03 - 9:47 9:13 - 10:05
4th Hour 9:53 - 10:37 10:11 - 11:00
Indep. Student Learning 10:37 - 11:10  - 
Lunch 11:10 - 11:57  -
5th  11:57 - 12:40 11:06 - 12:28 (including lunch)
6th 12:46 - 1:29 12:34 - 1:23
7th 1:35 - 2:18 1:29 - 2:18

Regardless of whether or not a student is on campus or taking a virtual course, the courses will always begin at the times shown above. Students learning off-campus will be expected to be in a virtual course at the start time by logging into their Canvas courses. Some classes will be conducted entirely though video conference. Other times, teachers may need to work with small groups of students and assign independent work after the class check-in, instructions, and attendance are complete. 

Students learning off-campus may want to utilize timers or reminder apps on phones or their school devices to remind them when the "bell" is about to "ring," to help them be punctual. It is best if students can join their virtual courses a couple minutes early. 

Those adjustments will be communicated when we switch phases and posted here.