American Academy of Forensic Science professional society dedicated to the application of science and the law
American Board of Criminalistics discusses board ceritification in becoming a criminalist
America’s Most Wanted Most Wanted Cases from across the country
Careers in Forensic Science
List careers, but you must pay for additional information
Carpenter’s Forensic Science Resources Gives lists of links for all areas of forensic science
Court TV Has teacher resources and information for all of its shows, including Forensic Files, the System and I-Detective
Crimes and Clues Contains articles and background information on various areas of forensic science
Crime Library articles on the criminal mind and their crimes
Dr. Henry Lee Gives info on his lab and famous cases
FBI the lastest from the FBI
From Fingerprints to DNA background information on all aspects of forensics
Forensic Science Society an organization that you must join in order to get info on careers, jobs, and classes
Kruglick’s Forensic Resources a law office that gives forensic background from a legal sense
Law for Cops a site designed for law enforcement (especially MO and KA) for educating on legal issues
'Lectric Law Library website for legal definitions
Mysteries mysteries that you can solve on line
National Association of Medical Examiners Organization for medical examiners--information on becoming one
Reddy’s Forensic Page Gives lists of links for all areas of forensic science
The Chemical Detective Gives lists of links for all areas of forensic science
Virtual Exhibit on Forensic Science
A database, a time line and an interactive game
WHY Files Answers the question WHY to a variety of questions and cases
Yahoo’s Forensic Science Gives lists of links for all areas of forensic science
Forensic Resources and Activities Gives lists of links for all areas of forensic science


Bones and the Badge
designed by Clarissa Labor as a WebQuest
Fingerprinting Lesson Michigan website
Forensic Biology—Bronx
HSTOFS Organization for high school teachers of forensic science. Anual fee of $25.00 membership. Connects forensic science teachers to one website.
Montesano High School Great sand information with lab and photos


Crime Library
Gives great background on many famous cases
Famous Trials Outlines cases throughout history
Secrets of the Dead PBS website with interesting and somewhat unique cases
True Crimes Strange website with graphic cases of mainly serial killers


Based on the HBO series showing a virtual autopsy and presentations by Michael Baden
Crime Scene Provides scenarios to solve, with membership and without
Crime Scene Investigation Response, collection and photography of a crime scene
Hair, Fiber, Crime and Evidence
Information on crime scene searches
Forensic Pathology
A general pathology website that gives specific information on a career in forensic pathology
National Association of Medical Examiners Organization for medical examiners, as well as information on becoming one
PathGuy A pathologist gives step by step instructions for an autopsy
3-D Crime Scenes 3 D crime scene scenarios
Virtual Autopsy 18 autopsies in which one must give cause of death; need anatomy background


Digital Fingerprints
How digital imaging helps to solve crimes. Gives backgound info and very specific details of fingerprints
History of Fingerprints Historical timeline of fingerprinting
Latent Fingerprints Latest news and information about latent fingerprints
Ridges and Furrows Fingerprint information by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Triplett’s Fingerprint Terms Over 800 terms associated with fingerprint identification


American Board of Forensic Odontologists
General information concerning forensic odontologists and their work
Bitemark Analysis Gives guidelines for use of human and animal bitemarks. Also explores some cases including Bundy.
Ear Identification Research Article on the techniques of using ear prints for identification
Forensic Dentistry On-Line Articles and background on forensic dentistry
Lip Prints Background on lip prints
Shoe Prints and Accidentals CourtTV article


Basics of DNA fingerprinting
CODIS CODIS homepage with articles and background information
DNA Interactive Many excellent interactives concerning DNA and its uses
DNA Forensics Information about the human genome project and DNA
DNA Testing—Intro for Non-Scientists Article on DNA testing for nonscience majors
DNA Typing and Identification Links and information on DNA typing
Genetic Science Learning Center Information from the University of Uta--including DNA and genetics
How DNA Evidence Works A How Stuff works article
Mitochondria DNA FBI background information on DNA
DNA Applications A special section on applications of DNA testing
National DNA Data Bank (Canada) Canadian data base which can be used for analytical STR labs
Principle of PCR Article diagraming PCR technique
STR DNA A series of STR articles and background information
VNTR’s An explanation of VNTRs through OSU


Blood Stain Pattern Analysis
Norman Reeves BPA consulting homepage with information concerning blood and blood stain patterns
Collection and Preservation of Blood Evidence The how tos of collection and preservation of blood evidence from the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab
Forensic Serology Great background information on blood and its characteristics
International Association of Blood Stain Pattern Analysts Basic information about the organization and blood stains
Peel Regional Police Photos of blood stains
Slemko’s Blood Stain Pattern Tutorial Additional photos


Atlas of Animal Hair
Fiber and Hair Crime Library article on hair and fiber by Katherine Ramsland
Hair Biology Background information on hair and hair growth by a hair growing company
Hair, Fiber, Crime and Evidence
FBI background information on hair and fiber
Microscopic Examination of Exotic Animal Hair Part 1 Shows medulla and scales pattern of various animals from the Brookfield Zoo
Microscopic Examination of Exotic Animal Hair Part 2 Continues with additional animal hair from the Brookfield Zoo
Microscopy of Hair Great article from the Forensic Science Communications, includes actual hair photos
That’s Not My Hair Article about using hair in court by the Forensic Echo


BONES and Forensic Art
American Anthropologic Association Information about the organization and what they do
American Academy of Physical Anthropology Information about the organization and what they do
American Board of Forensic Anthropology Information about the organization and what they do
Animal Skull Collection Photos of a collection of skulls from Skyline High School
Bodies of Evidence A case study that involves exploring the mysteries of the past and uncovering the secrets of the dead
Facial Reconstruction Shows the steps in facial reconstruction and includes many actual cases.
Forensic Anthropology Center University of Tennessee's homepage--includes information about the Body Farm
Last Salute (excavation of battle graves)
Midwest Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Information about the organization and what they do
Osteo-Interactive Background on osteology, anthropology, paleopathology, and histology
Reichs, Kathy Website Background on forensic anthropology by Kathy Reichs, author and anthropologist


Case Histories Case histories used by the University of Missouri at Rolla
Crime and Clues--forensic palynology Pollen background
Crime and Clues--cases in the US Pollen case studies
Devil in the Details Background on forensic geology written by the expert, Dr. Raymond Murray
Forensic Geology Background info on forensic geology
Forensic Geology More info from a college professor
Forensic Geologists Article on how forensic geologists find evidence in soil and water
Forensic Palynology Lynne Milne is a Palynologist at the Department of Geography at the University of Western Australia.
Secrets Hidden in the Soil Background on soil taken from Murray's work
US RADAR Inc. Radar GPR Products-Law Enforcement


Cyber Crime
Department of Justice's website on computer crime
Forensic Document Examination Overview Background information on forensic document examination--what they do and how it is accomplished. Qualifications of forensic document examiners
Forensic Linguistics Institute An introduction to language and crime
Questioned Document Examination Page Homepage of Emiy Will, a forensic document examiner


American Board of Forensic Entomology
University of Missouri's entomology page with case studies
Entomologist and criminalist—M. Bencke Great website with info on insects, crime and means of discovery
Forensic Entomology Web site on entomology by J.H. Byrd. Sound background material
Forensic Entomology Website by Dr. Bullington; particularly good info on the blowfly, including its life cycle
Forensic Entomology Page
Insects and the process of decomposition
Maggot and Murders Article describing maggots and their role in uncovering and solving murders
Testimony of Bugs


Additive Drugs
Covers background on various drugs.
Alan Barbour’s Forensic Tox Page Experts, labs and toxicology links
ATSDR Agency for toxic substances and disease writes various articles on the topic
eMedicine Toxicology Toxicology page on the medicine website; similar to a dictionary or encyclopedia page
National Capital Poison Center Lists poisons and their components
RxList A drug reference page that allows a drug to be searched
Society of Forensic Toxicology Organization for forensic toxicologists
UCSD Healthcare California poison control with background information on various poisons
Virtual Lab--forensic toxicology Large list of forensic toxicology websites

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