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Community Service Guidelines

  • 50 hours are required to graduate/receive a PHS diploma.

  • Hours must be completed at a non-profit 501©(3) organization.

  • Hours may NOT be done at an individual's home or a private business.

  • Hours may not be completed during the school day unless the student has applied AND been accepted as an office worker or A+ tutor.

  • Students may not be excused from school to do service hours.

  • Students may NOT help teachers, in offices and/or classrooms for service hours unless it is a pre-approved after school project. (this applies to Academic Lab time as well as before or after school and includes cleaning, grading papers, organizing classroom or offices, etc.)

  • All hours must be verified by the volunteer coordinator at the agency where hours are completed.

  • Students are responsible for submitting hours by the appropriate deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions