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PHS students are encouraged to serve their community at agencies in our area. ON campus service are limited to the following:

Office Work

11th & 12th graders may apply for office work. Criteria is as follows: 2.0 G.P.A., no ISS or OSS the semester prior to Office Work, 25 hours of service already completed, 2 teacher references.

Applications can be picked up in the CSO or in the Guidance Office. (It is attached here as well) *50 hours max per semester can be earned.


Office Worker Application 

Sports Team Assistant/Athletic Trainer Assistant

Applications are available in the CSO, Guidance Office and Athletics Office. Students will earn a max of 50 hours per sport. Must be approved by the coach and the CSO. Max of 2 assistants per team. Students may not earn hours helping a team or the athletic trainer during a season in which they play a sport.

Sports Team Assistant Application

A+ Tutors

11th & 12th graders can apply to tutor in classes in which they are an "expert."  Student must be enrolled in the A+ Program, have a 3.0 G.P.A., good citizenship and have all A's & B's in the subject in which they want to tutor. Applications are available in the A+ office/CSO and the Guidance Office. *25 hours/semester of A+ tutoring can be earned. 

*This is a non-credited class.

PHS A+ Tutoring Application