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Scholarships and Awards

There are scholarships available for which seniors can apply that have been really involved with community service.

Most applications will ask how the student has served their community, how the student has taken a leadership role with service or initiated an activity and how the student plans to continue service in the future. Applications will be uploaded to this site and be available in the College Center as they become available.

American Citizenship Award

This certificate is awarded to PHS students on Honors Night. Students can earn this award by:

  • Doing 100 hours of service in a calendar year (April 1-April 1).

  • Hours must be done at non-profit agencies.

  • Hours must be done off campus/non-school day hours.

  • Students must not have any ISS or OSS during the calendar year.

Community Service Honor Cord

150 hours ALL completed at non-profit agencies not affiliated with the Pattonville School District. All hours must be done at approved non-profit agencies during non school day hours (evenings weekends, summers). Hours completed in Pattonville School District will not count toward the Honor Cord.

Community Service Scholarships

If funding is available, the PHS Community Service Office will offer a community service scholarship. Seniors that have 200+ hours can apply (applications available in February). Students should demonstrate a passion for service, have leadership role in service activities and/or initiated or created a service project.