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GPA and Class Rank

Grade Point Average Calculation

GPA’s are calculated based on the number of “points” earned. The majority of courses offered at PHS are in the simple scale. If the course is an AP, College Credit, Honors or Gifted class, or if the course is denoted with a (*), the grade is weighted. Grades are calculated as follows:

Class Ranking

Class ranks are calculated and updated at the end of each SEMESTER (completion in December and June), NOT at the end of each grading period. Class ranks are based on the number of students in the grade level they are currently classified in and are determined by GPA. A simple class ranking is based on the 4.0 scale and weighted class ranks is based on a 5.0 scale. Freshman will not have an accurate ranking until they complete a semester. The majority of freshman will see a ranking somewhere in the middle of the class (i.e. 245/500) until they earn credit. Some freshman may see rankings higher if they have successfully completed summer school or have earned Algebra or Modern Language credit in the 8th grade.

Simple GPA

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points

  • C = 2 points

  • D = 1 point

  • F = 0 points

Weighted GPA

  • A = 5 points

  • B = 4 points

  • C = 3 points

  • D = 1 point

  • F = 0 points