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Grades and Credit Info

Parent-Teacher Conferences

FALL: October 23rd & 26th (virtual & in person)

SPRING: March 13th & 14th (virtual & in person)

Report Cards

Report Cards will be on the portal generally 2-3 days after the completion of the grading period.

Grade-Level Classification 

Grade Level classifications are based on the number of credits a student earns.  

Grade 9: 0-5.5 credits 

Grade 10: 6.0-11.75 credits 

Grade 11: 12.0- 15.5 credits 

Grade 12: 16+ credits 

This is based on credits earned as of the beginning of the school year.

Grading Period Dates

Grading period calculations for each semester are cumulative, so grades from GP1 are still being calculated into GP2 and GP3. Semester grades are calculated as 80% from the GP3/ GP6 grade plus 20% from final exams and/or state End of Course Exams.

Semester One

GP1: Ends September 29, 2023

GP2: Ends November 10, 2023

GP3 and S1: Ends December 22, 2023

Semester Two

GP4: Ends February 15, 2024

GP5: Ends April 12, 2024

GP6 and S2: Ends May 24, 2024

Semester one and Semester two grades are the official grades reported on the high school transcript.