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Web Login to Canvas for Students


Students can also access Canvas through the Google Apps menu (waffle) from their Google Drive or Gmail in a browser or with the Canvas Student App.

Canvas Help for Parents

Canvas has both a web interface and an App.  We recommend you start with the web interface.  It has more options and works better with email notifications.

Parent Login site: 

Canvas Observer Guides

This document explains:

  • Difference between PowerSchool and Canvas

  • "Observer" Account for parents/guardians (creating and using)

  • Tips for being a successful observer

Creating An Account , Pairing Students, Controlling Notifications:

The only thing different for high school students is how the pairing code is generated:

  1. Students go to their account at 

  2. Click Account

  3. Click Settings

  4. Click “Pair With Observer”

The pairing code is good for seven days. After that a new code must be generated.

How to check student grades

How to email teachers in Canvas

Get the Apps

Canvas has apps for mobile devices and each app is customized for the user. All of the apps can be set to push notifications to your mobile device. You control what you get notifications for in your Account > Notifications.

How-To Videos for using Canvas Student